Pro Elite Football Academy want to help the homeless this winter


Pro Elite Football Academy are helping out the homeless this Christmas! We are asking you to dig through your wardrobe for old clothes to donate to us so we can help out the less fortunate over the festive period.

We at Pro Elite are always looking to help out as many as possible, whether this be by putting on high quality, fun football sessions for children, or collecting clothes for those less fortunate than us.

If you have any old clothes that you don’t mind giving away, or any clothes that don’t fit you or your children any longer, then please bag them up and drop them off at any of our sessions running over the weekend and there will be coaches ready and willing to take them off you and thank you for your generosity.

This would really help out our community of homeless people this Christmas, and give them something to smile about.

We are holding a collection on the following weekends in December:

Saturday 9th
Sunday 10th
Saturday 16th
Sunday 17th


Thank you for your generosity in advance!

Written by Cem Ozerk; Pro Elite Coach

Pro Elite Football Academy Coaches receive International Call Up

Coach Kel & Coach Ali received an international call up over a month ago and were lucky enough to be flown out to Cyprus last week to compete in an International Friendly.

Coach Kel, Coach Ali, Coach H & Coach Tee have all played for Pro Elite Football Academy in the past and, through hard-work, good coaching and great opportunities, have all gone on to achieve good things in football.

Last week, Coach Kel and Coach Ali were flown out to Cyprus to compete in an International Friendly match and were unfortunate to lose 2-1.

The match was played against the North Cyprus National Team U23 side and the game was played at a very good tempo, with the winning goal being scored late on in the 85th minute.

The team was managed by our very own Coach Mus, who was instrumental in getting the tactics spot on to disrupt the other team.

Coach Kel wore the number 11 shirt

Coach Ali wore the number 14 shirt.



Fun games to play with toddlers and children

Things to do with toddlers and children for football

1. Circuit

One of the best football games for Enfield’s toddlers is the famous Pro Elite Football Academy circuit. Each activity is done whilst carrying a football. It starts with 2 little jumps from mat to mat, followed by a big jump over 4 big orange cones ; a real challenge for the children! After this, it’s round the roundabout for our kids, before trying to walk over the snake without waking him up! This goes straight into a shot at goal, everyone’s favourite part. After they score, they collect their ball and go again from the beginning.

2. Cone Collection

4 corners of the hall, 4 cones, 4 colours. 4 of each colour cone scattered around the middle of the hall. The aim of the activity is for the children to collect each and every cone and place it onto the correct cone in each corner of the hall. All of this whilst dribbling a football, because we are still a football academy... remember?

3. What’s the time Mr Wolf?

Combining one of the most famous games for toddlers with some football. The simple but fun game is played normally, apart from a football is to be dribbled throughout. Add this to some of our coaches instructions (stop the ball, sit on the ball etc), and the kids have lots of fun whilst still learning about football.

4. Set and Finish

The children line up in front of a coach and a goal. When it is their turn, they pass the ball into the coach using the correct technique taught, and the coach sets the ball to their side. The children follow the ball and take a touch before shooting with all their power into the net. This is always followed by some great goal celebrations!

5. Goalscoring

Just like all of our sessions, we are going to finish with goalscoring. This is every single child’s favourite part of every session. We’ve made it a tradition here at Pro Elite to always finish every session with goalscoring so all the kids go home happy! 2 kids start at the beginning, before going in and out of some scattered cones. This is followed by 2 big jumps and a big kick into the goal.

Written by Cem Ozerk: Pro Elite Coach.

Why children should be taught the basics, from young

Santi Cazorla for me, is the perfect role model for all of those young footballers who have been told that they are too small, or too slow, to become a top footballer. He shows that the top footballer is one that is well balanced, comfortable on either foot, and able to master the control of a football.

World class footballers are not created post 18 years of age, it starts from the first moment they touch the beautiful football that we all love.

I believe that we as coaches are key to the future of English football. We are able to work with players, whether at grass root or academy level, at an age where they are like sponges and so we should take full advantage. Coaches should create drills and games to keep kids interested whilst giving them the hours and hours of practice they need for ball mastery. (Research shows that 10,000 hours of practice allows for mastery in any field).

Children football should be coached more on perfecting the basic skills needed to be a well rounded footballer. Once a child is able to control the ball perfectly with both feet, pass the ball comfortably with both feet, strike the ball cleanly with both feet and dribble with the ball comfortably with both feet, they will take to learning how to fitting into a managers tactical philosophy well as they will be very comfortable taking to a football pitch.

Youth football club managers think small, too focused on results instead of being focused on player development. Of course, a winning mentality is part of a players development, however, creating a well balanced footballer should be key, with the aim of producing confident well beaters as priority. Small sided keep ball sessions should be used often, to allow players maximum touches of the ball and where possible, children should have a ball each during all sessions to allow them to spend more and more time with the football.

If we as coaches are able to deliver toddler football sessions in Enfield, or just football sessions by coaching the right way, we will start to reap the benefits as a football country. 

Ali Mustafa - Head of Academy (2013)