Booking and prices

Pro Elite run continuously throughout the year, with the terms being 6 weeks long. A 6 weekly term will cost £48, with your first session free - Try a class for free by clicking here!

Our coaches run on a 6 week session plan, with the focus being something new every week so that the children can have enough skill repetition, whilst still having fun!

Our class breakdown

18 months to 3 

Fun filled sessions for the children, allowing them to develop a foundation of social skills whilst getting used to the ball and learning how to kick with confidence. 

3 to 5 years  

This class is for the children to learn more footballing techniques and gain an understanding of basic team play. The players will develop quickly as the class has been shortened to allow more tailored sessions for their age group.

5 to 7 years

This is our new class which is run by our UEFA B qualified coaches. More emphasis is based on football, with a 6 week technical cycle in place whereby the children focus on a different skill every-week, whilst having more game time. However, the emphasis is still on fun!