Meet the coaches

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Head Coach

Coach Ali is the Head Coach here at Pro Elite. Ali has an eye for a good coach and a good player, so you may see him wandering between sessions to give his 2 pennies worth!

Coach Ali believes that he is the best coach within our set-up, but it is often laughed off by the others who claim that he doesn't ever coach enough...


The Guv'nor

Currently the manager of Ware U23's having managed Bush Hill Rangers for 12 years. Keeps the coaches on their toes and is the person responsible for whipping everyone in to shape if anybody decides to be running 2 minutes late!

Coach Mus will often be seen doing nothing as he works 'in the background'.


Coach H

H is a favourite here, with everyone. He's a true bright spark and a great character to be around. Apart from that, he is a well rounded coach who is great with the younger children.

Coach H believes he is the favourite amongst the children... Although the other coaches disagree! He will often be heard talking about how he has taught all of the other coaches all that they know...


Coach K

Coach Kristina is a dedicated coach who specialises coaching children aged 18 months to 5 years old. Kristina is an experienced, friendly, and energetic coach, who loves sports and working with kids, which makes her a favourite!

Coach Kristina will often be heard before she is seen. If you haven't watched one of her warm-ups, then you haven't had the full experience...



Coach Kel

Coach Kel comes to us with a great footballing CV - playing for Tottenham Hotspur for the majority of his youth career and scoring against the likes of Manchester United, Dortmund and many more.

Coach Kel is likely to be seen coaching a finishing session as the other coaches believe that it is all that he knows...


Coach Tee

Coach Tee is a Semi Professional footballer and has a colourful footballing CV playing for the likes of Leyton Orient, QPR, Stoke City and most recently The Nike Academy.

Coach Tee will often be seen on-time, as he is never late... Wait, is that a joke?


Coach Stan

Coach Stan comes to us boasting a similar level of goal-scoring ability as Coach Kel. Coach Stan is one of our youngest coaches and is a real hot prospect.

Coach Stan will often be seen responding in the group chat... Not.


Coach Cem

Coach Cem has come through the ranks here at Pro Elite, being a player for the best part of 7 years.
Cem has been coached by Coach Ali and Coach H throughout his life, so his philosophy is not in doubt - he is also a very hot prospect.

Coach Cem will often be seen... He will just be seen as he is so tall.

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