Meet the coaches


Coach Ali

Director of the academy - Coach Ali set this up in the summer of 2016 and boasts a great coaching background to match his coaching qualifications and his university degree.

Coach Ali oversees the whole academy and will be the main point of contact for all of the parents - he occasionally has to prove to all that he is still our best coach, by putting on world-class sessions whenever one of the other coaches claims that they are at the top of the pecking order!


Coach Mus

Coach Mus is currently our head of quality control - he roams between sessions to make sure the sessions are delivered correctly and well-organised. He is completely in the background, but usually picks up the pieces in making sure everything gets done. He sometimes surprises us all by delivering sessions at Bell Road - and the kids love him. His background speaks for itself and he is currently the manager of Bush Hill Rangers first team.


Coach H

Coach H - Head of Coaching and the holder of the ‘Best Coaches Award 2019’, as voted for by the parents.

H is a favourite here, with everyone. He's a true bright spark and a great character to be around. Our testimonials are full of praise for Coach H - and he was recently voted by our coaches as our 'best coach' (although Coach Ali doesn't agree).

He is constantly thinking of new sessions, which shows how passionate he is about the improvement and development of our little superstars.

Coach H wears a size large to make himself feel as if he has more muscles than he actually does...


Coach Kristina

Head Coach.

Coach Kristina is a favourite and, when she is not there, there is a void. Her energy is unrivalled, her session delivery up there with the best of them but, best of all, the children absolutely adore her.

Coach Kristina is a huge asset to our academy, but if you are coming to one of her sessions, i'd recommend ear plugs...


Coach Kel

Head Coach.

Coach Kel is currently the head-coach at Walker Primary School and Southgate school, with his infectious personality. His sessions are an experience in themselves as he constantly is building great relationships with the children and the parents.


Coach Tee

Head of 5-7

Coach Tee is the head-coach at Bell Road and is a specialist in our 5-7 age-group. He is able to manage the balance of delivering a fun-session whilst making sure the children are out of their comfort zones.

Coach Tee will often be seen on-time, as he is never late... Wait, is that a joke?


Coach Stanley

Coach Stan has developed into a fantastic lead coach. He is a favourite among the coaches, parents and children and, despite his relatively young age, is able to deliver sessions that are of a true quality coach.

Coach Stan has a hunger to learn and produce great quality sessions, but his biggest attribute is his time-keeping... not.


Coach Cem

Coach Cem has come through the ranks here at Pro Elite, being a player for the best part of 7 years before moving into the coaching set-up.

Cem is great at building relationships with the children & is able to be on their level to make sure that everyone always feels at ease.

Coach Cem is always early, but that isn't because he is a great driver... I'd ask him in person if i were you.


Coach Can

Coach Can, (or coach Spiderman as he likes to be known) - is loved by the children. His energy is through the roof, he is always willing to learn and is great at being able to put himself on the same level as the little superstars.

Coach Can once missed a session because he'd mixed up which venue he was at - he was so apologetic that we can't let him forget it, can we?


Coach Nej

Coach Nej has taken to coaching like a duck to water. He is new to coaching, but nobody would be able to guess that. He is a perfectionist and has managed to learn how to effectively deliver sessions, whilst keep high energy - definitely a head coach of the future.

Coach Nej once overslept and walked in late to a session and Coach H (who was delivering the session that day), will never let him forget it.


Coach J

Coach J is one of the most energetic coaches in London.

Coach J spent 3 years in Miami on a football scholarship and joined us upon completion of his degree. His wonderful character quickly made him a favourite amongst the children.


Coach Eren

Another coach with an infectious personality, a smile as big as his energy and a great passion for teaching the children.

Coach Eren has established himself with his love for putting on toddler football sessions and usually can be heard before he is seen!

Think you've got what it takes to join the team? Drop an email to to express your interest.