football training for kids


Junior football sessions for children aged 5 - 7, your child will have fun, make friends and score loads of goals! 

Our sessions are specifically designed to build self-esteem and build confidence, whilst aiding their educational development, all in a relaxed and comfortable environment. 

We allow them to develop a foundation of social skills whilst getting used to the ball and learning how to kick with confidence.

Learning through play

More touches on the ball lead to faster and greater skill gain. Every child has their own ball throughout the session and our games are specifically designed for maximum touches of the ball. The games are progressively challenging enabling new skills to be learnt each lesson, however children are able to work within their ability. Children become more competitive at this age and are taught to challenge themselves and one another. The match becomes the climax of the session and is the perfect outlet for channelling children’s competitive energy as well as transferring their skills into a real world situation.

Our classes aim to be challenging. Children are able to transfer their football skills into a real match environment. Children are also taught valuable life lessons such as fair play, teamwork and the importance of hard work.