football classes for Toddlers


Fun filled sessions

Our football classes for toddlers are for girls & boys, aged between 18 months and 3 years old.

The sessions play a holistic role in improving your child's physical and mental health and our coaches work hard to ensure your children are keeping fit and active whilst also helping them to improve their social skills, make friends and improve confidence and self esteem.

Playing sports encourages strong bones and muscles, and helps build a great immune system. It improves balance and flexibility, coordination and strength.

Our football classes for toddlers are conducted in a fun, relaxed and comfortable environment.


Learning through play

Our coaches are taught specific techniques that enable children to get the most out of our football classes.

We believe that play is one of the greatest development tools and when combined with repetition and structure, ensures effective learning.

Sports like football offer the opportunity for children to learn how to resolve conflicts peacefully and effectively and, engaging in a sport like football for at least half an hour a day can improve your child’s health, both physically and academically and this in return will set them up well for a healthier, happier, more productive life.

Book a football training for kids session aged 18 months - 3.

(Parent participation required)