How Joining a Local Football Club Can Benefit Your Child

It's official – scientists have been saying for a very long time, that exercise benefits the human body and mind in all sorts of ways. Exercise makes us feel good mentally, emotionally and physically and helps protect us against putting on weight. Exercise keeps our hearts in good condition and can even keep dementia at bay in older people. It looks like there are countless reasons to get your little one involved in exercise as early and often as possible. And that's why joining a local football club is such an excellent move if you have children. 

There's no such thing as being too young to play sport. Early childhood is a critical period for brain development and the experiences we clock up during our earliest years have a powerful lasting effect on our future mental and physical development. At the same time football, the beautiful game, is an inclusive game that anyone, of any age, can easily learn and enjoy. Here's how joining a local football club can benefit your child. 

The remarkable power of play, the amazing impact of football  

Puppies, kittens, almost all baby animals – including humans - play because it helps them learn and explore the world. Our children naturally love to find things out, invent and create via play, and sport is one of the best ways there is to play and learn in a structured way. 

Play helps children develop their social skills, helping them get along with other children and adults. It's a great way for them to safely express emotions, find out what their inner emotional landscape looks like, and understand how it works. Playing sport helps kids gain confidence in their abilities, and the positive effects of a lively childhood full of fun and exercise last a lifetime. 

Children who play regular sport have strong bones and muscles as well as stronger immune systems. They have better balance, better flexibility, better coordination, strength, and posture. Playing football gets rid of excess energy and promotes relaxation so kids sleep better. It even relieves stress. No wonder so many parents are keen to support their little ones in a lifetime's love of the sport. 

The World Health Organization says physical inactivity is the world's fourth-biggest risk factor for mortality. According to Science Nordic, playing football makes schoolchildren happier. And the NHS more or less calls exercise a 'miracle cure'. The internet is packed with scientific studies that prove that exercise benefits children in many, many ways. 

Football is a potent social tool that brings children from different backgrounds together, driving good citizenship. It teaches them to become team players, handy in the world of work. It helps little ones develop good life skills and shows kids how valuable physical fitness is because they'll feel the difference. Playing sport has been proven to help kids perform better at school, and of course, exercise is an important factor in the fight against obesity. 

You don't even need to be 'good at sport' to enjoy the game. It's an inclusive sport designed for everyone and the benefits don't come from being good at it, just from playing it and enjoying it. Playing sport helps children develop their leadership skills. It'll boost their confidence as a whole. And because disputes happen in football just as they do in life, playing the game supports positive conflict resolution. 

You can tap into football lessons in a single-sex team or a mixed team, a great way to get boys and girls playing together at an early age. Last but not least, a football pitch is a home to kids from all sorts of different cultures, which helps your child to develop an open mind. 

Are you looking for a kids football club in Enfield? 
Now that the old-fashioned gender-related restrictions have been removed, the beautiful game is perfect for boys and girls. It's the sport the planet loves best of all, the sport that unites us across the globe. Where there's a ball and a flat piece of land, wherever in the world it happens to be, people will gather together to play football. If you live in or near Enfield and your child would love to get involved in football training in Enfield, we have a number of sessions available. Get in touch with our fantastic Enfield football club to join. We'll see you soon!