A Day in the Life of a Kids Football Coach

Perhaps your kids are already having the time of their lives learning how to play the Beautiful Game properly, under the wing of an exceptional kids football coach. Maybe you're about to go look for a great coach to teach your kids to play football. Either way, you might have wondered what a day in the life of a kids football coach looks like. You might even have felt a bit envious – what a splendid job! Here's what you need to know.

We enjoy plenty of sleep

You'll probably be surprised at what a big negative effect not having enough sleep has. The science is actually quite scary. When you don't get enough sleep you're at extra risk of obesity, depression and other mental health issues, even lower insulin sensitivity, which is an indicator of type 2 diabetes. When you've not had the sleep you need you're more likely to react emotionally to things that don't deserve an emotional reaction, and it's harder to focus.

If your child is determined to be a good footballer, they need lots of sleep. And so does a kids football coach if they want to be 100% effective. We make sure we get the sleep we need so we're fresh and alert in the mornings.

We get up on time – And we have a hearty breakfast

You won't find a kids football coach lounging in bed. Or leaving the house without a nutritious meal. When you're fit and healthy and you love your job like us, you're keen to get out there every day, excited about getting up, thrilled about what the day will bring.  We even sing when we get up. Actually we don't... that's just our 'bit of a singer' coach Nej! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYLOYD4U3FA

There's no way you can spend the day running around with a bunch of lively children unless you've had a proper breakfast, a meal that gives you all the energy the body and brain needs for resilience and strength. You'll find our coaches tucking into a decent breakfast that'll help them stay lively for your kids until lunchtime. And yes, we eat good, healthy lunches and evening meals too!

We get lots of exercise

You won't have the energy and strength needed to play footie with a load of keen children unless you're already fit, and every good football coach gets plenty of exercise in addition to all the racing around they do  while actually coaching. The fitter and stronger our coaches are, the better able they are to teach your children excellent footballing skills. That's why some of us enjoy a nice, fresh morning jog before work to get us going.  

We prepare for our sessions

It's no good just turning up and then deciding what to do. We turn up prepared for the kind of kids we'll be coaching, prepared with exercises, and prepared with the things we want to achieve together during the session.  Here’s 6 activities you might expect to see in a football training for kids class.

We arrive on time, every time

You'll never become a football pro if you can't be reliable. We work hard and we play hard, but we always make sure we're on time for every training session and appointment. Likewise parents should do their best to get to training on time.  

We have a giggle!

Sport is fun. Football is great fun. We make it fun for everyone who plays, everyone who watches, everyone involved. The more fun our football training for kids classes are, the better your children learn.

If all that sounds like it gives kids an absolutely brilliant time, it does. It's no surprise our sessions are so popular and the kids get on so well with our coaches. Is your child ready to take their footie skills to the next level? If so, we'd love to meet you.  Get in touch with our coaches via our contact us page.

Check out our “Day in the Life of a Coach”series on Youtube.