Improving Children's Development with Football Classes for Toddlers

As time goes by, scientists find more and more reasons why exercise is good for the human body. Exercise keeps our hearts and brains in better condition, and it's thought people who exercise regularly have less risk of developing dementia when they're older. In fact exercise has a positive effect on everyone, of every age, from birth onwards, and that includes toddlers.

Children explore, invent and create via play, and sport is a powerful way to play in a structured way. They develop great social skills, learn to express their emotions, and gain confidence about their own capabilities through sport. At the same time research reveals early childhood is the most critical period for brain development, and that our experiences in the first years of our lives have a surprisingly powerful lasting effect on our future mental health and development.

Exercise will deliver health, social and cognitive benefits throughout your child's life. Playing sport encourages strong bones and muscles, and helps build a great immune system. It improves balance and flexibility, co-ordination and strength. It improves posture. It relieves stress, promotes relaxation and uses up vital energy so they get a good night's sleep. It's vital when most children these days tend to stay in for long periods of time, no longer able to play freely in the streets for hours on end like previous generations did.

All this means you'll want to instil a love of exercise and activity in your little ones from the earliest possible age. And one of the best ways to do that is through the Beautiful Game.

Let your child fall in love with the beautiful game

Whether you're a girl or a boy, football is one of the world's most exciting games, loved by literally billions of us across the planet. It also happens to be one of the world's most accessible games, playable anywhere as long as you have a flat space, a ball, and something to make goal posts with.

These days girls and boys can both play, either in mixed or single-sex teams, and there are plenty of specialist football classes for toddlers to enjoy. Of course, the social inclusion football encourages means your child will grow up with a broader mind, having experienced all sorts of different cultures and types of people.

12 reasons why football classes for toddlers will brighten your child's life

  1. As a powerful social tool, sport brings kids from different backgrounds together and drives better social inclusion  

  2. It plays a vital role in improving physical and mental health

  3. It encourages citizenship and boosts social inclusion

  4. Sport gives youngsters better life skills

  5. Exercise helps children understand the value of physical fitness

  6. Sport has been proved to encourage better academic performance

  7. Sport reduces childhood obesity, the 21st century's biggest health challenge

  8. Even if your child isn't naturally 'good at sport', playing football has the same physical, social and mental benefits as it has when they're a sporting genius

  9. If your child is a natural leader, playing football will encourage their leadership talent

  10. Sport improves self-esteem

  11. Sport is a great landscape against which to learn how to resolve conflicts peacefully and effectively

  12. Team sports help youngsters learn how to become team players, useful throughout their life  

The World Health Organization says physical inactivity is the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality. You can improve your child’s health physically - and academically - by encouraging them to enjoy at least half an hour of exercise every day. It'll set them up well for a healthier, happier, more productive life. And the Beautiful Game is one of the best-loved ways to get the right amount of exercise.

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