What makes us special?

There are some great football academies out there for your children...

But what makes us different?


We believe in following some key principles. Values that we stand by, making our #ProEliteFamily special to our community.






"Sami loves his Saturday morning football classes with Pro elite academy and sings “We love football” on the way to class! - Yasmin, parent."




We are more than just a football academy. We operate as any loving family would. 

Our coaches are driven by making sure that each and every child feels included, appreciated and cared for. We put hours into making sure our sessions are designed to cater for children of all abilities so that regardless of their prior footballing experiences, that enjoy the time spent with us whilst always coming away from our sessions having learnt more than when they first walked in.

Our classes drive relationships and friendships to be built, whether it be child to child interaction, parent to parent interaction or child/parent to coach. Each class become their own little community that sits within our family, creating #ProElitesWorld.

To sum it up: we care.


"Since my son has joined Pro Elite Football Academy, I have found that my son has become more confident and outgoing. The coaches are very patient and encourage the kids to join in, regardless of their ability - Yvonne, parent."



We pride ourselves on having fun. Our children have fun at our sessions, our parents have fun at our sessions and, just as importantly, our coaches have fun at the sessions. You are able to spot a child who attends one of our sessions by the smile on their faces walking in... (and the sadness when they realise that the session is over!)

We believe that children learn through play. Whether it be their colours, social interaction or football skills. This is why our sessions are tailored to each specific age-group, making sure that at each stage of their development, they are having fun.

Because it’s fun, children often become very absorbed in what they are doing. In turn, this helps them develop the ability to concentrate.

To add to this, our coaches have great social relationships with each other outside of the football session and this translates into our classes. The natural chemistry vibrates positivity, becoming infectious, meaning that the children become naturally at ease and can develop faster than they usually would. 


"My son had the best time at his first session! The coaches were incredible! Fantastic!" - Katherine, parent.

"Teachers could learn a thing or two from these coaches. Naturals." - English teacher at a local secondary school.



At our academy, we are extremely focussed on the development of your children in two major aspects of their lives.


Football development

Becoming good human beings


Our coaches are hand-picked and qualified up to a UEFA B standard, meaning that our sessions are of professional academy quality. As the children progress through the academy, they will be continuously tested and pushed to the best of their ability, following our philosophy of creating both well-rounded, balanced footballers and people.


"The guys at Pro Elite are fantastic with the kids. They give each of the kids just the right amount of attention, and adapt well to the wide range of skill sets each child has in and are great at helping each child enjoy the session and get the most of their football. 

I particularly liked how they used music in the indoor sessions to help create a good atmosphere too!" Nick, parent.