Pro Elite Football Academy Coaches receive International Call Up

Coach Kel & Coach Ali received an international call up over a month ago and were lucky enough to be flown out to Cyprus last week to compete in an International Friendly.

Coach Kel, Coach Ali, Coach H & Coach Tee have all played for Pro Elite Football Academy in the past and, through hard-work, good coaching and great opportunities, have all gone on to achieve good things in football.

Last week, Coach Kel and Coach Ali were flown out to Cyprus to compete in an International Friendly match and were unfortunate to lose 2-1.

The match was played against the North Cyprus National Team U23 side and the game was played at a very good tempo, with the winning goal being scored late on in the 85th minute.

The team was managed by our very own Coach Mus, who was instrumental in getting the tactics spot on to disrupt the other team.

Coach Kel wore the number 11 shirt

Coach Ali wore the number 14 shirt.