Fun games to play with toddlers and children

Things to do with toddlers and children for football

1. Circuit

One of the best football games for Enfield’s toddlers is the famous Pro Elite Football Academy circuit. Each activity is done whilst carrying a football. It starts with 2 little jumps from mat to mat, followed by a big jump over 4 big orange cones ; a real challenge for the children! After this, it’s round the roundabout for our kids, before trying to walk over the snake without waking him up! This goes straight into a shot at goal, everyone’s favourite part. After they score, they collect their ball and go again from the beginning.

2. Cone Collection

4 corners of the hall, 4 cones, 4 colours. 4 of each colour cone scattered around the middle of the hall. The aim of the activity is for the children to collect each and every cone and place it onto the correct cone in each corner of the hall. All of this whilst dribbling a football, because we are still a football academy... remember?

3. What’s the time Mr Wolf?

Combining one of the most famous games for toddlers with some football. The simple but fun game is played normally, apart from a football is to be dribbled throughout. Add this to some of our coaches instructions (stop the ball, sit on the ball etc), and the kids have lots of fun whilst still learning about football.

4. Set and Finish

The children line up in front of a coach and a goal. When it is their turn, they pass the ball into the coach using the correct technique taught, and the coach sets the ball to their side. The children follow the ball and take a touch before shooting with all their power into the net. This is always followed by some great goal celebrations!

5. Goalscoring

Just like all of our sessions, we are going to finish with goalscoring. This is every single child’s favourite part of every session. We’ve made it a tradition here at Pro Elite to always finish every session with goalscoring so all the kids go home happy! 2 kids start at the beginning, before going in and out of some scattered cones. This is followed by 2 big jumps and a big kick into the goal.

Written by Cem Ozerk: Pro Elite Coach.