How Joining a Local Football Club Can Benefit Your Child

It's official – scientists have been saying for a very long time, that exercise benefits the human body and mind in all sorts of ways. Exercise makes us feel good mentally, emotionally and physically and helps protect us against putting on weight. Exercise keeps our hearts in good condition and can even keep dementia at bay in older people. It looks like there are countless reasons to get your little one involved in exercise as early and often as possible. And that's why joining a local football club is such an excellent move if you have children. 

There's no such thing as being too young to play sport. Early childhood is a critical period for brain development and the experiences we clock up during our earliest years have a powerful lasting effect on our future mental and physical development. At the same time football, the beautiful game, is an inclusive game that anyone, of any age, can easily learn and enjoy. Here's how joining a local football club can benefit your child. 

The remarkable power of play, the amazing impact of football  

Puppies, kittens, almost all baby animals – including humans - play because it helps them learn and explore the world. Our children naturally love to find things out, invent and create via play, and sport is one of the best ways there is to play and learn in a structured way. 

Play helps children develop their social skills, helping them get along with other children and adults. It's a great way for them to safely express emotions, find out what their inner emotional landscape looks like, and understand how it works. Playing sport helps kids gain confidence in their abilities, and the positive effects of a lively childhood full of fun and exercise last a lifetime. 

Children who play regular sport have strong bones and muscles as well as stronger immune systems. They have better balance, better flexibility, better coordination, strength, and posture. Playing football gets rid of excess energy and promotes relaxation so kids sleep better. It even relieves stress. No wonder so many parents are keen to support their little ones in a lifetime's love of the sport. 

The World Health Organization says physical inactivity is the world's fourth-biggest risk factor for mortality. According to Science Nordic, playing football makes schoolchildren happier. And the NHS more or less calls exercise a 'miracle cure'. The internet is packed with scientific studies that prove that exercise benefits children in many, many ways. 

Football is a potent social tool that brings children from different backgrounds together, driving good citizenship. It teaches them to become team players, handy in the world of work. It helps little ones develop good life skills and shows kids how valuable physical fitness is because they'll feel the difference. Playing sport has been proven to help kids perform better at school, and of course, exercise is an important factor in the fight against obesity. 

You don't even need to be 'good at sport' to enjoy the game. It's an inclusive sport designed for everyone and the benefits don't come from being good at it, just from playing it and enjoying it. Playing sport helps children develop their leadership skills. It'll boost their confidence as a whole. And because disputes happen in football just as they do in life, playing the game supports positive conflict resolution. 

You can tap into football lessons in a single-sex team or a mixed team, a great way to get boys and girls playing together at an early age. Last but not least, a football pitch is a home to kids from all sorts of different cultures, which helps your child to develop an open mind. 

Are you looking for a kids football club in Enfield? 
Now that the old-fashioned gender-related restrictions have been removed, the beautiful game is perfect for boys and girls. It's the sport the planet loves best of all, the sport that unites us across the globe. Where there's a ball and a flat piece of land, wherever in the world it happens to be, people will gather together to play football. If you live in or near Enfield and your child would love to get involved in football training in Enfield, we have a number of sessions available. Get in touch with our fantastic Enfield football club to join. We'll see you soon!

Pro Elite Academy partner with Edmonton County Primary School, to offer an after-school club starting in September 2019.

Pro Elite Academy have signed a deal with Edmonton County Primary School, situated in the London Borough of Enfield. The deal sees Pro Elite Academy providing football sessions as part of an after-school club and will take effect from September 2019.

Ali Mustafa, Academy Director, comments: "Personally, I am so excited to be going back to my old school - but this time offering our sessions in a teaching capacity!'“

Pro Elite Academy will be offering after-school clubs to the children of Edmonton County Primary School, giving the children expert football coaching lessons along-side their weekend sessions, where they currently offer 38 sessions weekly for children aged 18 months - 7 years of age.

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Pro Elite Academy partner with Busy Bees Enfield, offering Nursery football sessions.

Pro Elite Academy have signed a deal with Busy Bees Enfield, offering football sessions to the toddlers and pre-school children who attend the nursery.

Ali Mustafa, Academy Director, comments: "We are delighted to be able to offer our expertise in coaching little ones, bringing our weekend experience to this wonderful Nursery!'“

Pro Elite Academy are experts at coaching children as young as 18 months, shown by their vast number of weekend sessions, where they currently offer 38 sessions weekly for children aged 18 months - 7 years of age.

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Pro Elite Academy partner with St Bernadette Catholic Primary School, to deliver Lunch-time and After-School clubs.

Pro Elite Academy have signed a deal with St Bernadette Catholic Primary School, offering lunch-time and after-school club activities, starting in September 2019.

Ali Mustafa, Academy Director, comments: "We can’t wait to get started at such an amazing school. We know the head-teacher well, as she currently brings her little one to us on the weekends, so we are delighted to be presented the chance to work closely with them as of September.“

Pro Elite Academy will be offering a different range of sports, along-side football, via lunch-time and after-school clubs. This is an exciting step forward for Pro Elite Academy as it outlines their flexibility in service offerings and expands their operations above and beyong their popular weekend sessions, where they currently offer 38 sessions weekly for children aged 18 months - 7 years of age.

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Pro Elite Academy partner with Highfield Primary School to offer PPA for their Reception children.

Pro Elite Academy have signed a deal with Highfield Primary School, Enfield, offering PPA cover for their Reception children, starting in September 2019.

Ali Mustafa, Academy Director, comments: "We have been working with Highfield for some time now and it is great to be able to further establish ourselves in such a great school. We will continue to offer our expertise to supplement the schools excellent teaching methods.'“

Pro Elite Academy will be offering PE sessions in line with the EYFS curriculum, working alongside the school to deliver a best in-class offering of sessions to their reception pupils. This is along-side their weekend sessions, where they currently offer 38 sessions weekly for children aged 18 months - 7 years of age.

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Pro Elite Academy partner with St Paul's Church of England Primary School to offer PPA.

Pro Elite Academy have signed a deal with St Paul’s Church of England Primary School, Enfield offering PPA cover for two days a week, starting September 2019.

Ali Mustafa, Academy Director, comments: "We are delighted to announce this partnership with such a fantastic school, with great people who work behind the scenes.'“

Pro Elite Academy will be offering PE sessions in line with the curriculum, working alongside the school to deliver a best in-class offering of sessions to their pupils. This is along-side their weekend sessions, where they currently offer 38 weekly sessions for children aged 18 months - 7 years of age.

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The Rise and Rise of Women's Football

Football training for kids has changed beyond recognition in the past decade. Not so long ago you'd be hard pressed to spot a single girl on the pitch. Now more girls than ever are playing the Beautiful Game, they're playing like demons, and the ladies version of the world's best-loved sport is grabbing headlines at long last. So how come women's football has become so popular, why are some of the biggest clubs investing in the sport, and what benefits can footie bring to young females?

Early adopters of women's football – Arsenal ladies' team  

Some clubs have had women's teams for ages. Take Arsenal, whose ladies team has been on the go since 1987, created by Vic Akers who managed the team for an impressive 22 years. Together they won 33 major trophies and revolutionised British women's football. Their first trophy was the Premier League Cup, won back in 1992, and the rest is history. But until quite recently, women's football teams were still quite unusual.  

Ladies football facts

  • The UK had several women’s clubs in the 1890s. One north London team attracted 10,000 supporters for a game at Crouch End

  • Preston was famed for women’s football in the early days, home to Dick Kerr’s Ladies, formed in 1894

  • In the late '60s the FA banned women’s football from its grounds on the basis that the game was ‘quite unsuitable for females’

  • The Women’s FA was formed in 1969 and the first Women’s FA Cup Final and England Women’s international soon followed

  • In 1983 the FA invited the WFA to affiliate on the same basis as a County Association

  • In 1993 the Women’s Football Committee was formed, tasked with running women’s football in England

  • The FA revealed plans to develop women’s football to an elite level in 1997

  • In 1998 they appointed Hope Powell as Women’s National Coach

  • By 2002 football had become the top participation sport for women and girls in England

Fresh ways of thinking about women in sport  

As the Sport England `This Girl Can’ campaign said recently, "Our research reveals a huge difference in the number of men and women playing sport. And it's not because females don't want to get active. Millions of women and girls are afraid to exercise because of fear of judgement… on appearance, ability or how they choose to spend time on themselves."

Another survey carried out in 2015 by Women In Sport, called The Tipping Point found that: confidence and attitude in seven and eight year old girls, revealed how Year 3 girls are more concerned with social acceptance than boys. And boys of that age often don't think girls have the skills needed to play football. This has affected girls' confidence for a very long time, giving people in general an inaccurate but ingrained cultural belief that gender is a barrier.

Fortunately, things are changing fast. We may even have reached a tipping point, a place where enough girls are playing football for it to become the norm rather than something unusual. Once it's normalised, a thing becomes part of everyday life and that can only be good for footie-mad girls.

Why has women's football become so popular?

Football is exhilarating. It's thrilling, great for your health and your body, good for your brain, and a great way to stay fit. Girls are just as agile as boys, just as able to grasp the physical side of the game and become an expert in every aspect of it. Today's new attitude to women in sport means more girls are feeling confident enough to want to play football.

Football is more about skill than power and strength, about tactics and strategies rather than brute force, and that ma

kes it the perfect unisex sport. Old fashioned attitudes about what it means to be female have changed with the years. Now, thank goodness, it is a lot more acceptable for girls to get hot, sweaty, dirty, muddy, exhausted, and over-excited. It's also acceptable for women to be just as competitive as men, and it's really good to see the unhelpful word 'ladylike' steadily disappear from everyday use.

In short, today's girls are more equal than ever before. They and their parents accept fewer traditional gender biases, and at long last the sporting world is becoming more fair and more fun.

Football coaching for kids – Including the girls!

Kids football is no longer only for boys. It's a thrilling, exciting unisex game, and some extraordinarily good female players are starting to emerge. Maybe your little girl will become the next Ballon d’Or winner just like Ada Hegerberg.

Our unisex/girls football classes run on a regular basis in a number of locations across london and offer the perfect setting for your daughter, niece or granddchild to start playing the beatiful game.

Call our football training for kids coaches to book a free trial on 020 8360 8997

A Day in the Life of a Kids Football Coach

Perhaps your kids are already having the time of their lives learning how to play the Beautiful Game properly, under the wing of an exceptional kids football coach. Maybe you're about to go look for a great coach to teach your kids to play football. Either way, you might have wondered what a day in the life of a kids football coach looks like. You might even have felt a bit envious – what a splendid job! Here's what you need to know.

We enjoy plenty of sleep

You'll probably be surprised at what a big negative effect not having enough sleep has. The science is actually quite scary. When you don't get enough sleep you're at extra risk of obesity, depression and other mental health issues, even lower insulin sensitivity, which is an indicator of type 2 diabetes. When you've not had the sleep you need you're more likely to react emotionally to things that don't deserve an emotional reaction, and it's harder to focus.

If your child is determined to be a good footballer, they need lots of sleep. And so does a kids football coach if they want to be 100% effective. We make sure we get the sleep we need so we're fresh and alert in the mornings.

We get up on time – And we have a hearty breakfast

You won't find a kids football coach lounging in bed. Or leaving the house without a nutritious meal. When you're fit and healthy and you love your job like us, you're keen to get out there every day, excited about getting up, thrilled about what the day will bring.  We even sing when we get up. Actually we don't... that's just our 'bit of a singer' coach Nej! (

There's no way you can spend the day running around with a bunch of lively children unless you've had a proper breakfast, a meal that gives you all the energy the body and brain needs for resilience and strength. You'll find our coaches tucking into a decent breakfast that'll help them stay lively for your kids until lunchtime. And yes, we eat good, healthy lunches and evening meals too!

We get lots of exercise

You won't have the energy and strength needed to play footie with a load of keen children unless you're already fit, and every good football coach gets plenty of exercise in addition to all the racing around they do  while actually coaching. The fitter and stronger our coaches are, the better able they are to teach your children excellent footballing skills. That's why some of us enjoy a nice, fresh morning jog before work to get us going.  

We prepare for our sessions

It's no good just turning up and then deciding what to do. We turn up prepared for the kind of kids we'll be coaching, prepared with exercises, and prepared with the things we want to achieve together during the session.  Here’s 6 activities you might expect to see in a football training for kids class.

We arrive on time, every time

You'll never become a football pro if you can't be reliable. We work hard and we play hard, but we always make sure we're on time for every training session and appointment. Likewise parents should do their best to get to training on time.  

We have a giggle!

Sport is fun. Football is great fun. We make it fun for everyone who plays, everyone who watches, everyone involved. The more fun our football training for kids classes are, the better your children learn.

If all that sounds like it gives kids an absolutely brilliant time, it does. It's no surprise our sessions are so popular and the kids get on so well with our coaches. Is your child ready to take their footie skills to the next level? If so, we'd love to meet you.  Get in touch with our coaches via our contact us page.

Check out our “Day in the Life of a Coach”series on Youtube.

Your Child Wants to Become a Footballer? Here's How You Can Help

So your child is dreaming of becoming a footballer. Whether they simply want to brush up their skills to play really well for fun or on a school team, or they have serious ambitions for a professional life in the sport, the beautiful game is about a whole lot more than sporting skills.

Footie involves elegant dribbling, brilliant penalty shooting and intelligent, effective tackling. It's a multi-faceted thing. But there's a lot you can do, as a parent, to boost your child's chances of success and improve their enjoyment of the game, and you don't need to be an expert in football or a skilled footballer yourself. Here's what you need to know.

How to prepare your child for a lifelong love of football

Great communication skills are an important advantage in football, just as they are in every team sport. Being in a team is all about effective communication, providing your fellow players with the valuable information they need to make the best on and off-ball decisions under pressure, in a split second.

The finest teams in the world got where they are thanks to exceptional in-team communications skills. In fact it's such a dramatic, free-flowing game that good communication can make all the difference, transforming possession into a goal. Your job as a parent? To set an example and actually teach your child what it means to communicate well. There's some excellent advice here (link to )

Teamwork is another desirable attribute for footballers of every age. Some people are natural team players, others are naturally more independent and can struggle to work well in teams. Mastering the art of teamwork will help your child succeed at school and throughout their lives. It hones their essential social skills, things like patience, empathy, communication, respect and trust for their fellow humans, compromise and tolerance, and also boosts their confidence.

As a parent you can encourage team-working skills at home. Can you form a team to do the washing up and make it a fun activity? Things like problem-solving tasks, group play with other children, group reading, group music, and playing other team sports all help develop good teamwork skills in youngsters.

A healthy lifestyle is a must for every child, especially when they want to play sport and do it well. And it's  something that is almost completely under your control as a parent, something you can make certain of, at least when they're at home.  A healthy lifestyle involves getting enough sleep – more sleep than you might imagine, actually – small children need as much as 12 hours a night and teens, like adults, need 8-9 hours.  These days a meat-free diet is widely understood to be the healthiest of all, and freshly cooked food is always best, including lots of fruit, veg, and water instead of fizzy drinks. Exercise, the pillar of good health, is absolutely essential – the more they get, the better. Enrolling your child on a regular football coaching for kids class is a good way to help them lead a healthier lifestyle.

Positive football imagery is a great thing, revealing to your child the way the world's best players behave, perform and act, whether their team wins or loses. Head for YouTube and line up a load of positive football clips for them to enjoy, and watch them along with your child. It's a brilliantly simple way to breed good habits, reveal the complexities of the game and the way the players handle themselves, and show them the dizzy heights of brilliance they can achieve if they work hard enough.  

Last but not least professional support means a great deal, so make sure you send your child off for lessons with your local kids football coaching service. Your child will learn from their fellow team mates, learn from the coach, and absorb the game fully, focusing on improving their play, their attitude, and their enjoyment.  

Do all of the above and you'll prepare your child for a lifetime's love of the beautiful game, able to learn the skills they need to play well, interact with others well, and either win or lose just as gracefully.  

6 Activities You Might Expect to See in a Football Training for Kids Class

Childhood today couldn't be more different to fifty years ago, when kids played out in the streets in the evenings and at weekends, free as birds. Today's children don't play in the streets. And that means it's a challenge, sometimes, to get all the vital physical exercise they need to stay fit and healthy as they grow.

No wonder football training for kids is so popular, for girls and boys of every age. It's a brilliant way to get them moving, enjoying the company of their team-mates and socialising afterwards. So what kind of activities will your child find themselves involved in when they join a local football coaching for kids class?  

1. Tag – The perfect warm-up exercise

Your child needs to warm up first, and tag games make an excellent footie warm-up, great for focusing the mind and preparing the body for activity. A good warm up means they'll have less risk of injury, a bigger range of movement, increased body temperature, plus a fully activated cardiovascular and respiratory system. Warming up is also beneficial for mental preparation, clearing the mind and focusing on just one task.

A game of tag is an excellent example. One person is nominated as 'it', and they have to run around and try to 'tag' another player, who then becomes 'it'... and so on. It sounds simple but if you can remember how exciting a big game of tag was at school, you'll understand how much fun it is and how much running around it involves. It's just as important to cool down after exercise, and a short game of tag also helps with that.  

2. The passing circle – Perfect for practising accuracy and timing

The passing circle involves splitting the players into two teams and marking a large circle on the ground. Half the kids stay inside the circle, the rest stay outside it. Players inside the circle have to pass the ball to someone outside it, then move along the circle and pass the ball to another outsider. The insiders have to  avoid each other while making accurate passes, something that works wonders for youngsters' accuracy and timing on the passes, and the weight they put on each pass. This session also helps in building team spirit and improving communication skills.

3. Staying in the square – Learning to open up space

This one's brilliant for teaching kids about opening up space and finding areas to play in an actual game of football, even when it looks like there's no space to be had. Make a square on the grass using cones or jumpers or whatever you have to hand. Make it any size you like, bearing in mind the smaller the square the harder the game. Split the players into two teams, attack and defence. The attackers must keep the ball inside the square, but it's the defenders' job to kick the ball outside the square. The game gets even better when you have twice as many attackers as defenders, and the more confined the square is the harder the players have to work to find space.

4. Catch me if you can – Brilliant for developing good dribbling skills

This is a superb way to acquire better dribbling skills. Make a ten metre square grid and put a player on two of the corners opposite one another, each with a ball. The players have to dribble their balls around the outside of the grid and try to catch up with the other player. When the coach calls 'stop', the players have to stop the ball. When the coach shouts 'turn' both players have to change direction and go the other way around the square.

5. The central combination – Receiving the ball, possessing it, and passing it

Passing, receiving and possession are three of the most important ball skills your child will achieve, and this game helps them learn all three. Make a 20m square, again bearing in mind that smaller spaces mean more challenging games. Put one midfield player in the middle of the square and split the rest of the players into even lines on the four corners. A player in a corner starts things off by passing the ball to the central player, then running down the sideline, joining the back of the queue again when they reach the other corner. The player in the middle plays a first-time ball to someone at the next corner, and the game continues until everyone  is back in their original starting position. It's all about the rhythm, the flow of movement and good communication.

6. Football training for kids - The one-on-one shooting drill

This game focuses on passing combinations and goal scoring, loads of fun and a really good way to polish up a child's goalie and scoring skills. It's extra fun trying to force the other player to become the goalie.

First, set up a diamond-shape grid on the pitch about 20m from the goal, using cones of jumpers or kit bags, and make each corner about 12m apart. You need one player at corners 2, 3 and 4, and the rest line up behind the first corner next to a supply of balls. One player starts in goal.

Player 1 passes to player 2, then follows the pass and moves to player 2's position. Player 2 passes to player 3 and moves into a defensive position. Player 3 passes to player 4 and takes their place. Player 4 gets the ball and takes player 2 on in a one-on-one battle to score. If player 4 doesn't score in the one-on-one, they become the goalie. If player 4 scores, the goalie stays where they are. It's fast, furious, and teaches your child a host of essential passing and goal scoring skills.

If your child adores the beautiful game, needs more exercise or just loves running about outdoors, football training for kids could be the perfect activity, sociable as well as fun and proven to improve your little one’s physical and mental health

Want to enroll your child on a football training for kids class? Get in touch with the team at Pro Elite Football Academy who are bound to have a session close to where you live.

Improving Children's Development with Football Classes for Toddlers

As time goes by, scientists find more and more reasons why exercise is good for the human body. Exercise keeps our hearts and brains in better condition, and it's thought people who exercise regularly have less risk of developing dementia when they're older. In fact exercise has a positive effect on everyone, of every age, from birth onwards, and that includes toddlers.

Children explore, invent and create via play, and sport is a powerful way to play in a structured way. They develop great social skills, learn to express their emotions, and gain confidence about their own capabilities through sport. At the same time research reveals early childhood is the most critical period for brain development, and that our experiences in the first years of our lives have a surprisingly powerful lasting effect on our future mental health and development.

Exercise will deliver health, social and cognitive benefits throughout your child's life. Playing sport encourages strong bones and muscles, and helps build a great immune system. It improves balance and flexibility, co-ordination and strength. It improves posture. It relieves stress, promotes relaxation and uses up vital energy so they get a good night's sleep. It's vital when most children these days tend to stay in for long periods of time, no longer able to play freely in the streets for hours on end like previous generations did.

All this means you'll want to instil a love of exercise and activity in your little ones from the earliest possible age. And one of the best ways to do that is through the Beautiful Game.

Let your child fall in love with the beautiful game

Whether you're a girl or a boy, football is one of the world's most exciting games, loved by literally billions of us across the planet. It also happens to be one of the world's most accessible games, playable anywhere as long as you have a flat space, a ball, and something to make goal posts with.

These days girls and boys can both play, either in mixed or single-sex teams, and there are plenty of specialist football classes for toddlers to enjoy. Of course, the social inclusion football encourages means your child will grow up with a broader mind, having experienced all sorts of different cultures and types of people.

12 reasons why football classes for toddlers will brighten your child's life

  1. As a powerful social tool, sport brings kids from different backgrounds together and drives better social inclusion  

  2. It plays a vital role in improving physical and mental health

  3. It encourages citizenship and boosts social inclusion

  4. Sport gives youngsters better life skills

  5. Exercise helps children understand the value of physical fitness

  6. Sport has been proved to encourage better academic performance

  7. Sport reduces childhood obesity, the 21st century's biggest health challenge

  8. Even if your child isn't naturally 'good at sport', playing football has the same physical, social and mental benefits as it has when they're a sporting genius

  9. If your child is a natural leader, playing football will encourage their leadership talent

  10. Sport improves self-esteem

  11. Sport is a great landscape against which to learn how to resolve conflicts peacefully and effectively

  12. Team sports help youngsters learn how to become team players, useful throughout their life  

The World Health Organization says physical inactivity is the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality. You can improve your child’s health physically - and academically - by encouraging them to enjoy at least half an hour of exercise every day. It'll set them up well for a healthier, happier, more productive life. And the Beautiful Game is one of the best-loved ways to get the right amount of exercise.

If you’ve been searching Google for a “football class near me” you’ve landed on the right page. Our kids football and toddler football classes take place in Enfield and the surrounding areas. Book a football class local to you with Pro Elite Football Academy.

Christmas term dates.

Quick update on the dates over Christmas, to help you plan around what to do over the Christmas holidays with little ones.


15th/16th December are the last sessions of the term across all venues

Raglan Primary School:

Holidays - 22nd December & 29th December

Returning - 5th January

Walker Primary School:

Holidays - 8th December, 22nd December & 29th December

Returning - 5th January

Southgate School:

Holidays - 22nd December & 29th December

Returning - 13th January

**8th/15th December will have time changes - with 18 months - 3 & 3 - 5 years being run at 10:15am in the large sports hall, and the 5-7s at 11:05 in the large sports hall.

St Stephens Church:

Holidays - 22nd December & 29th December

Returning - 5th January

Bell Road:

Holidays - 22nd December & 29th December

Returning - 5th January

Coach Nej receives international call-up.

Our very own Coach Nej has been selected to represent North Cyprus in this years Conifa cup - sponsored by Paddy Power.

Coach Nej is a favourite with our parents, coaching our indoor toddler sessions in Enfield and in Southgate. Coach Nej is the only representative in the squad selected who is not a current professional in Cyprus, and we are extremely proud of him.

If you would like to support Coach Nej and watch the group games, reach out to the lead coach at your venue and they will be able to give you more details.

On-top of this, our football stars have been selected to be the mascots at the final on the 9th June - a massive honour and one that we are looking forward to. 


What makes us special?

There are some great football academies out there for your children...

But what makes us different?


We believe in following some key principles. Values that we stand by, making our #ProEliteFamily special to our community.






"Sami loves his Saturday morning football classes with Pro elite academy and sings “We love football” on the way to class! - Yasmin, parent."




We are more than just a football academy. We operate as any loving family would. 

Our coaches are driven by making sure that each and every child feels included, appreciated and cared for. We put hours into making sure our sessions are designed to cater for children of all abilities so that regardless of their prior footballing experiences, that enjoy the time spent with us whilst always coming away from our sessions having learnt more than when they first walked in.

Our classes drive relationships and friendships to be built, whether it be child to child interaction, parent to parent interaction or child/parent to coach. Each class become their own little community that sits within our family, creating #ProElitesWorld.

To sum it up: we care.


"Since my son has joined Pro Elite Football Academy, I have found that my son has become more confident and outgoing. The coaches are very patient and encourage the kids to join in, regardless of their ability - Yvonne, parent."



We pride ourselves on having fun. Our children have fun at our sessions, our parents have fun at our sessions and, just as importantly, our coaches have fun at the sessions. You are able to spot a child who attends one of our sessions by the smile on their faces walking in... (and the sadness when they realise that the session is over!)

We believe that children learn through play. Whether it be their colours, social interaction or football skills. This is why our sessions are tailored to each specific age-group, making sure that at each stage of their development, they are having fun.

Because it’s fun, children often become very absorbed in what they are doing. In turn, this helps them develop the ability to concentrate.

To add to this, our coaches have great social relationships with each other outside of the football session and this translates into our classes. The natural chemistry vibrates positivity, becoming infectious, meaning that the children become naturally at ease and can develop faster than they usually would. 


"My son had the best time at his first session! The coaches were incredible! Fantastic!" - Katherine, parent.

"Teachers could learn a thing or two from these coaches. Naturals." - English teacher at a local secondary school.



At our academy, we are extremely focussed on the development of your children in two major aspects of their lives.


Football development

Becoming good human beings


Our coaches are hand-picked and qualified up to a UEFA B standard, meaning that our sessions are of professional academy quality. As the children progress through the academy, they will be continuously tested and pushed to the best of their ability, following our philosophy of creating both well-rounded, balanced footballers and people.


"The guys at Pro Elite are fantastic with the kids. They give each of the kids just the right amount of attention, and adapt well to the wide range of skill sets each child has in and are great at helping each child enjoy the session and get the most of their football. 

I particularly liked how they used music in the indoor sessions to help create a good atmosphere too!" Nick, parent.


Pro Elite Football Academy want to help the homeless this winter


Pro Elite Football Academy are helping out the homeless this Christmas! We are asking you to dig through your wardrobe for old clothes to donate to us so we can help out the less fortunate over the festive period.

We at Pro Elite are always looking to help out as many as possible, whether this be by putting on high quality, fun football sessions for children, or collecting clothes for those less fortunate than us.

If you have any old clothes that you don’t mind giving away, or any clothes that don’t fit you or your children any longer, then please bag them up and drop them off at any of our sessions running over the weekend and there will be coaches ready and willing to take them off you and thank you for your generosity.

This would really help out our community of homeless people this Christmas, and give them something to smile about.

We are holding a collection on the following weekends in December:

Saturday 9th
Sunday 10th
Saturday 16th
Sunday 17th


Thank you for your generosity in advance!

Written by Cem Ozerk; Pro Elite Coach

Pro Elite Football Academy Coaches receive International Call Up

Coach Kel & Coach Ali received an international call up over a month ago and were lucky enough to be flown out to Cyprus last week to compete in an International Friendly.

Coach Kel, Coach Ali, Coach H & Coach Tee have all played for Pro Elite Football Academy in the past and, through hard-work, good coaching and great opportunities, have all gone on to achieve good things in football.

Last week, Coach Kel and Coach Ali were flown out to Cyprus to compete in an International Friendly match and were unfortunate to lose 2-1.

The match was played against the North Cyprus National Team U23 side and the game was played at a very good tempo, with the winning goal being scored late on in the 85th minute.

The team was managed by our very own Coach Mus, who was instrumental in getting the tactics spot on to disrupt the other team.

Coach Kel wore the number 11 shirt

Coach Ali wore the number 14 shirt.



Fun games to play with toddlers and children

Things to do with toddlers and children for football

1. Circuit

One of the best football games for Enfield’s toddlers is the famous Pro Elite Football Academy circuit. Each activity is done whilst carrying a football. It starts with 2 little jumps from mat to mat, followed by a big jump over 4 big orange cones ; a real challenge for the children! After this, it’s round the roundabout for our kids, before trying to walk over the snake without waking him up! This goes straight into a shot at goal, everyone’s favourite part. After they score, they collect their ball and go again from the beginning.

2. Cone Collection

4 corners of the hall, 4 cones, 4 colours. 4 of each colour cone scattered around the middle of the hall. The aim of the activity is for the children to collect each and every cone and place it onto the correct cone in each corner of the hall. All of this whilst dribbling a football, because we are still a football academy... remember?

3. What’s the time Mr Wolf?

Combining one of the most famous games for toddlers with some football. The simple but fun game is played normally, apart from a football is to be dribbled throughout. Add this to some of our coaches instructions (stop the ball, sit on the ball etc), and the kids have lots of fun whilst still learning about football.

4. Set and Finish

The children line up in front of a coach and a goal. When it is their turn, they pass the ball into the coach using the correct technique taught, and the coach sets the ball to their side. The children follow the ball and take a touch before shooting with all their power into the net. This is always followed by some great goal celebrations!

5. Goalscoring

Just like all of our sessions, we are going to finish with goalscoring. This is every single child’s favourite part of every session. We’ve made it a tradition here at Pro Elite to always finish every session with goalscoring so all the kids go home happy! 2 kids start at the beginning, before going in and out of some scattered cones. This is followed by 2 big jumps and a big kick into the goal.

Written by Cem Ozerk: Pro Elite Coach.

Why children should be taught the basics, from young

Santi Cazorla for me, is the perfect role model for all of those young footballers who have been told that they are too small, or too slow, to become a top footballer. He shows that the top footballer is one that is well balanced, comfortable on either foot, and able to master the control of a football.

World class footballers are not created post 18 years of age, it starts from the first moment they touch the beautiful football that we all love.

I believe that we as coaches are key to the future of English football. We are able to work with players, whether at grass root or academy level, at an age where they are like sponges and so we should take full advantage. Coaches should create drills and games to keep kids interested whilst giving them the hours and hours of practice they need for ball mastery. (Research shows that 10,000 hours of practice allows for mastery in any field).

Children football should be coached more on perfecting the basic skills needed to be a well rounded footballer. Once a child is able to control the ball perfectly with both feet, pass the ball comfortably with both feet, strike the ball cleanly with both feet and dribble with the ball comfortably with both feet, they will take to learning how to fitting into a managers tactical philosophy well as they will be very comfortable taking to a football pitch.

Youth football club managers think small, too focused on results instead of being focused on player development. Of course, a winning mentality is part of a players development, however, creating a well balanced footballer should be key, with the aim of producing confident well beaters as priority. Small sided keep ball sessions should be used often, to allow players maximum touches of the ball and where possible, children should have a ball each during all sessions to allow them to spend more and more time with the football.

If we as coaches are able to deliver toddler football sessions in Enfield, or just football sessions by coaching the right way, we will start to reap the benefits as a football country. 

Ali Mustafa - Head of Academy (2013)