Birthday Parties

Looking for a well-organised, fun birthday party for your child? We have taken all of the fun from our sessions and have come up with a number of games to make sure your little boy or girl has a birthday to remember!

Working closely with you, your energetic and enthusiastic coaches (yes, you will get 2 of your favourite coaches) will create the perfect package for your child. 

We can cater up to 30 children outdoors and 22 indoors, and don't worry, we will even provide the perfect venue for you based on your needs!


All you have to do is get in contact with us and we will provide you with a formal document outlining all of the details.


Harry loves attending football training every Sunday and he wanted his favourite coaches to throw a birthday party for us. Harry’s request was that coach H would be there as he loves the games they play every week. We didn’t have a hall, so we asked Coach Ali who organised a hall for us, accommodating 22 children!

The kids all had a fantastic time playing lots of football and party games, followed by food and birthday cake. Harry was thrilled with his birthday party and Mum and Dad were pleased that the hard work was done for us!
— Lisa, Harrys mum.